Phase 2 Full Color T-Shirt Calculator
Digital Direct Imprint
Please answer the following regarding the specifics
of your order, so we can provide a custom quote.
Price each location separately, as they cannot be combined for total quantity.


Price includes full color or unlimited
number of spot colors, and up to 120 sq inches of imprint area. For larger imprints add $.03 per square inch.

  Number of items  
Width in inches  
Height in inches  

Phase 2 Imprint one location - White Shirts Only. Note See Below
Phase 2 Imprint one location - Dark Shirts {flash is required}.
Initial Order ($50 setup)
Reorder ($0 setup)
(Reorder is exact imprint and size as previous order)

Special considerations:
All shirts shrink while in conveyer heat tunnel changing the imprint size slightly.
100% polyester shirt prints are not as brilliant as 100% cotton T's.
Next Level Tee's and 100% polyester require special handling due to fabric content. Add 15%.

Some garments require special handling, these items will have an upcharge of 10%.


Prices are net, per side or location. Art charges are not included.

  Imprint price for each item  
  Total price of imprinting  
  $30 under minimum chg applies to orders under 48 pcs  
  Setup charge  
  Total cost of imprint and setup charges  
See General Information for FAQs.